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  • Rosso Maniero 2020

    Among the IGT wines (typical geographical indication), Fattoria Casaloste in some vintages bottles the Rosso Maniero. The name is the homage that Giovanni B. D'Orsi wanted to do at the ancient military school of Naples "Nunziatella" who saw him as a student from 1974 to 1978. This wine (mainly composed of Sangiovese grapes and a blend of other corporate grape varieties red), expresses all the youthful and youthful spirit but at the same time rigorous and respectful of traditions, as well as the School that for over 200 years resides in Pizzofalcone, in the heart of Naples. This Military School, commissioned by the Borboni of Naples, was founded in 1787 by General Giuseppe Parisi with the aim of forming the ruling class and the future officers of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. His motto "Prepare for life and weapons" embodies the sacrifice and willingness of groups of students whose stories have contributed to the luster and development of our country: Italy.

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  • Inversus Super Tuscan 2019

    Since 2003 and only in the best years Casaloste bottles a superb IGT (Typical Geographical Indication): the Inversus. His name was inspired by a particular genetic condition (in Latin "Situs Viscerum inversus") for which all the main visceral organs positioned in a specular manner, without involving any health problem. The third son of Giovanni and Emilia, Federico, was born with this condition.

    With this wine, which shows its fingerprint at the center of the label, we wanted to interpret the unpredictability of nature and its capacity to often being specular. Inversus, in fact, is a wine that marks an "inversion" of approach compared to other corporate wines. It is a new interpretation of the territory, able to express not only the greatness of its main vine, the Sangiovese, but also of the Merlot that in the land of Panzano in Chianti finds an excellent expression of its potential.

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  • Don Vincenzo 2018 IGT

    This wine was born in 1995 from Giovanni B. d'Orsi's dream of being able to best express the uniqueness of the Chianti area, developing a pure Sangiovese that is produced only in the best vintages. It is the result of a careful selection of Sangiovese grapes from a single vineyard "the vineyard of Don Vincenzo". It is the wine that the producer wanted to dedicate to his father, Vincenzo, whose profile appears on the label in perspective opposite to the profile of his first male grandson, who bears his own name. The past generation is indissolubly linked to the future generation through the present one, symbolized on the label by Giovanni Battista signature.

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  • Casaloste Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2018

    The latest addition to the Casaloste family, it expresses all the refinement and power of the Sangiovese grape produced in the Chianti area. It is obtained by combining the balance of grapes coming from the best selections on the eastern and western sides of the company. The morning light, in fact, allows the grapes to express the highest alcohol content while the afternoon light intensifies the aromatic sphere of the Sangiovese itself.
    The first year of production of this label is the 2011 vintage.

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  • Chianti Classico Riserva 2019

    The Chianti Classico Riserva Casaloste is produced from a selection of the best grapes of the farm and is obtained mainly from Sangiovese grapes, with a small percentage of other native red grape varieties. With this wine Giovanni B. d'Orsi wanted to enhance the power of the terroir and respecting the typicality of the various vintages.

    It is an aging wine, able to express new and interesting sensations year after year.

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  • Chianti Classico 2020

    The Chianti Classico Casaloste was produced for the first time with the vintage 1993 and since then has always respected the character of the younger Sangiovese, made elegant by the small note of Merlot. A wine that expresses the genuineness of the Tuscan conviviality, with lively but very pleasant tannins. The wine bears the original name of the stone tower, where the owners still live with their family: the name "Casaloste" has ancient origins that are lost in the past, when the building was used as a sighting tower.

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