Rosso Maniero 2020


Among the IGT wines (typical geographical indication), Fattoria Casaloste in some vintages bottles the Rosso Maniero. The name is the homage that Giovanni B. D'Orsi wanted to do at the ancient military school of Naples "Nunziatella" who saw him as a student from 1974 to 1978. This wine (mainly composed of Sangiovese grapes and a blend of other corporate grape varieties red), expresses all the youthful and youthful spirit but at the same time rigorous and respectful of traditions, as well as the School that for over 200 years resides in Pizzofalcone, in the heart of Naples. This Military School, commissioned by the Borboni of Naples, was founded in 1787 by General Giuseppe Parisi with the aim of forming the ruling class and the future officers of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. His motto "Prepare for life and weapons" embodies the sacrifice and willingness of groups of students whose stories have contributed to the luster and development of our country: Italy.



Grapes: 65% Sangiovese, 35% other red berry grapes

Vinification: small sized stainless steel vats, using selected yeasts and controlled temperature, with repassings and “delestage”.

Aging: 25 e 35 HL oak casks of Allier for at least 10 months

Color: ruby red

Nose: young wine with strong wild strawberries and small fresh cherry.

Taste: considered ready to drink, it releases all the character and personality of the Sangiovese with its red fruits supported by robust but never aggressive tannins.

It goes with: pasta with ragù sauce, grilled red meat, roasted pork, wild boar, salami or medium aged cheeses.

Production: 6,000 bottles per year