Inversus Super Tuscan 2019


Since 2003 and only in the best years Casaloste bottles a superb IGT (Typical Geographical Indication): the Inversus. His name was inspired by a particular genetic condition (in Latin "Situs Viscerum inversus") for which all the main visceral organs positioned in a specular manner, without involving any health problem. The third son of Giovanni and Emilia, Federico, was born with this condition.

With this wine, which shows its fingerprint at the center of the label, we wanted to interpret the unpredictability of nature and its capacity to often being specular. Inversus, in fact, is a wine that marks an "inversion" of approach compared to other corporate wines. It is a new interpretation of the territory, able to express not only the greatness of its main vine, the Sangiovese, but also of the Merlot that in the land of Panzano in Chianti finds an excellent expression of its potential.



Grapes: Merlot 90% Sangiovese 10%

Vinificationsmall sized stainless steel vats using selected yeasts and controlled temperature, with reassigns, “delestage” with “macroboulage”

Invecchiamento: after racking the wine develops malolactic fermentation directly in Allier barriques (12% new and the rest one year old) with controlled temperatures, with batonage and micro-oxygenation. It is then aged for a minimum of 16 months. After bottling it is further refined for at least 12 months before being marketed.

Color: intense purple red

Nose: a powerful wine with cherry, small berries that are intensified by spicy notes of liquorice, black pepper and cinnamon. It reveals a good minerality and balsamicity.

Bocca: a wine with a strong character and a velvety entrance, supported by soft and balanced tannins. In the mouth emanates all its power and balance by sensing a beautiful longevity. The finish is persistent with mineral and balsamic notes.

Abbinamenti: pasta with ragù sauce, grilled red meat, roasted pork, wild boar, salami or medium aged cheeses.

Service temperature: 17-18°C

Production: 4,000 bottles per year