Casaloste Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2016

For lovers of Sangiovese, this wine expresses all its link with the territory. A unique way to go back to your last trip to Tuscany.
Obtained by combining the whole and the balance of Sangiovese from the best grapes of the east and west sides of the company. From its intense ruby color and its bouquet of balsamic and spicy notes it is an enveloping and delicate wine. It is an aging wine capable of expressing new and interesting sensations year after year

Vintage 2016: Sangiovese 100%

Perfect with: Roasted pork and lamb, goose or duck dishes and very tasty cheeses


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Last born in the Casaloste family, it expresses all the refinement and power of the Sangiovese grape produced in the Chianti area. It is obtained by combining together the balance of the grapes from the best selections of the Eastern and Western sides of the vineyard. In fact, the morning light allows the grapes to express the greatest alcoholic power, while that of the afternoon intensifies the aromatic sphere of the Sangiovese itself.

The first year of production for this label is the 2011 vintage.

Grapes: Sangiovese 100%