Casaloste has a limited production of another important product of the territory: extra virgin olive oil. The olives are picked by hand directly from the tree and pressed within 48 hours through cold extraction by a continuous process in a mill with an organic certification. Ideal for a healthy and balanced diet, it has a pleasant spicy sensation with a slight bitter aftertaste.

Perfect as a raw condiment; just a small amount to enhance the flavors of the dish, from bruschetta and salads to fresh vegetables and grilled meats, fish, soups and pasta.

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The Chianti Classico territory has another very important product: grappa is an aqua vitae and it’s a typical and exclusive Italian product. It comes from a direct distillation of the skins and seeds of the grapes that have been separated from the fermented must, together with some wine dregs. Fattoria Casaloste gives the skins and seeds of the Chianti Classico grapes to the distillery and together they arrive at the level of distillation in order to obtain a soft, scented and fragrant grappa, to satisfy even the finest palates.


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